You’re invited to embrace
a unique way of networking
that is all about collaborations
and transformation
in a nurturing space.
Your sisterhood awaits! 

You’re invited to embrace
a unique way of networking
that is all about collaborations
and transformation
in a nurturing space.
Your sisterhood awaits! 

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Jill Celeste,
Founder of Virtual Networkers

Marketing When The World Feels Chaotic


As I write this blog post, Russia has invaded Ukraine, we are still in the throes of a pandemic, and state and national politics are a hot mess. You may be asking yourself: Should I be marketing when the world is so chaotic? Does my business even matter right now? Can I climb in bed and cover myself with my weighted blanket, and pray that it all settles down?

I wish I could tell you there’s a marketing formula to follow during these unprecedented times, but there is not. We can, though, benchmark what other entrepreneurs have done during similar situations.

In this blog post, I will share how entrepreneurs (including me) market their businesses during chaotic times. Take what’s useful; discard the rest. I hope these tips give you a starting point.

One more thing: As a white, cisgender, middle-class American woman, I am coming from a place of enormous privilege as I write this blog post. I have many luxuries that other women entrepreneurs, especially those in devastated areas, do not have. Thank you in advance for your patience for any prejudices in this blog post, and please accept my apologies if I have offended or hurt you in any way.

Marketing when the world is chaotic can feel like shoveling snow during a blizzard. You may wonder how you should be marketing right now—and if you should be marketing at all.

Here’s what I would love for you to consider: Making marketing adjustments. Let’s delve in.

Marketing adjustments to consider making during chaotic times

Let’s first review some tips on what marketing adjustments you can make during a chaotic time. The idea behind these tips is to make marketing decisions while respecting the sacredness and importance of the time.

  • Turn off social media and other online ads. This depends on your business and what you’re advertising, but if you feel like you shouldn’t be advertising right now, give yourself permission to pause your ads. Or, change the ad content so it reflects the times.
  • Stop promotional social media posts. If it feels out of integrity for you to promote during a time when people are mourning and in shock, give yourself permission to reschedule those posts to a later time.
  • Audit your automated email messages. Is the content of the email appropriate for the time? Should you postpone or tweak the message?
  • Use social media and email marketing to motivate your community. Often, a tragedy is a good time to motivate your community to do something: Whether it’s to condemn an act or write politicians. Your community sees you as a leader, so don’t undermine the value of your voice during these times.
  • Share helpful, relevant information. For example, I like to share worthwhile charities that are “on the ground” to help with the issue at hand, such as where to donate blood, food, or money. This information may be connected to your business, too. For example, if you are in a pet-related business, you could share information about animal rescues helping during the tragedy.
  • Do not stop marketing. This is not the time for you to disappear. Adjust your marketing? Yes. Stop getting visible? No. The world needs you now, more than ever.

Your mindset matters too

While you are considering what marketing adjustments to make, let’s not forget about your mindset. Your mindset is more important than any marketing tactic.

This is where I can struggle. I can market in my sleep, but if I don’t protect my energy, I will paralyze myself with anxiety. So, these are some mindset strategies I’m implementing right now. Perhaps one or more of these tips will help you.

  • Impose a time limit on news consumption. I use Twitter for news consumption, and I can spend hours on there, especially during a crisis. I have now implemented a time limit. I only give myself a couple of minutes throughout the day to hop on Twitter to see what’s going on. Timers are our friends!
  • You don’t have to consume every piece of news. As a history major, I love to read news stories and watch videos “from all angles” so I get the whole story. That was fine when I was working on my master’s degree, but I have a business to run now. I have given myself permission to not consume everything.
  • Take time off. As you can and as you need to, give yourself permission to take a morning off, or the day off, or a whole week off. You deserve it, and it’ll probably help your mindset so much.
  • Find your happy place. What’s an instant mood booster for you? If you have to, make a list so you have it at your disposal. When the news or events get you down, boost your mood. Even watching a funny cat video can do the trick!
  • What can you control? My anxious brain is also an imaginative one. I can create amazingly scary scenarios in my head. When that happens, I remind myself that I can only control two things: My thoughts and my emotions. I also focus on staying in the present, often inventorying all the wonderful blessings around me. Reminding myself what I can control eases my mind.
  • Stay in faith. Believe it or not, you are a beacon for your community, and you are making a positive impact. Know that! Believe things will work out. It’s always hardest to keep the faith in the middle of the journey, and we are definitely in the middle of the journey. Focus on the positive outcomes that will emerge once the dust settles.

At the end of the day, how you want to handle your marketing during chaotic times is your decision. Follow your heart. Your heart knows what to do. Please know I am rooting for you, and I believe that together, we will weather these storms, and the world will be a better place. Please stay in faith with me.

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