You’re invited to embrace
a unique way of networking
that is all about collaborations
and transformation
in a nurturing space.
Your sisterhood awaits! 

You’re invited to embrace
a unique way of networking
that is all about collaborations
and transformation
in a nurturing space.
Your sisterhood awaits! 

Virtual Networkers

Jill Celeste,
Founder of Virtual Networkers

How To Overcome The Fraud Factor


What is “The Fraud Factor”? It’s a common mindset block for female entrepreneurs and can show up in many ways:

  • Feeling like you have less experience, education, or credentials than others in your industry
  • Wondering “who do you think you are” giving out advice when your own business/life/relationship is a hot mess
  • Second guessing why anyone would want to work with you when they can work with Mr. So and So.

Do these sound familiar? Chances are you’ve felt at least one of these fraud factor conditions during your entrepreneurial journey.

The Fraud Factor can be debilitating – for your mindset and marketing.

To get loud, you must realize that “who do you think you are” message is your Ego, trying to keep you safe and small.

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will give you tips on how to bust through the Fraud Factor block and become more visible in your marketing.


The Fraud Factor is just another name for your Ego. It’s a huge mindset block that many female entrepreneurs must overcome.

Your job when the Fraud Factor appears is to remember the following:

#1: Your ideal clients want to work with you. That’s what makes them ideal.

Your ideal client thinks you’re the perfect person to help them. They love your credentials, experience, and viewpoints.

In other words, your ideal clients want to work with you and no one else. That’s what makes them ideal.

#2: Your credentials are exactly what they need to be

In marketing, we have a fancy term called “credibility factors.” These are all the aspects of your expertise that lend credibility to you. Credibility factors include your education, licensing, and experience.

When you begin to feel like your credentials aren’t good enough, make a list of your credibility factors. Read over your list and remember: For your ideal client, your credibility factors are exactly what she’s looking for.

#3: Stop comparing yourself to others

Theodore Roosevelt once said” “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I love this quote, because It’s what I see time and time again from entrepreneurs.

Everyone is wired differently. Some entrepreneurs can compare themselves to others in their industries and get invigorated.

Others compare themselves and feel like a fraud. If you’re like this, stop comparing. Unfollow their social media, unsubscribe from their lists, and stop looking at their stuff. You’ll feel so much better!

Dear entrepreneur, your mindset is really the only thing holding you back. It stops you from getting more visible, from following up with your sales prospects, and from getting on the phone with prospective JV partners.

The Fraud Factor is a real mindset block. I get it too! However, it’s just that – a block – not a fact. You are good enough, credentialed enough, and educated enough for your ideal clients. Never forget that. I am rooting for.



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