You’re invited to embrace
a unique way of networking
that is all about collaborations
and transformation
in a nurturing space.
Your sisterhood awaits! 

You’re invited to embrace
a unique way of networking
that is all about collaborations
and transformation
in a nurturing space.
Your sisterhood awaits! 

Virtual Networkers

Jill Celeste,
Founder of Virtual Networkers

Kate Varness: Celestial University Sister of the Month


Congratulations to Kate Varness from Green Light Clarity Coaching. She is our “Sister of the Month” for Celestial University!

Once a month, we feature one Celestial University student, based on her participation, implementation, and exemplary spirit!

Kate helps heart-centered women add calm to their physical and mental spaces, which adds abundance to their business and clarity for themselves.

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Briefly describe how you help people through your business.

Often, people find me because their physical space is disorganized. They think that applying more willpower or setting aside time to declutter will fix the chaos. What they discover is that the outside clutter is a manifestation of internal clutter. We then address the mindset blocks and find new approaches that address underlying patterns.

Who are your ideal clients? Who do you heal or help?

I help heart-centered, creative women to invite calm into their spaces, abundance into their business, and clarity within themselves by teaching them how to tune in and honor their inner knowing.

How do you help people?

Having a calm, fulfilling life really comes down to trusting your inner knowing. When your stuff, business, and life are aligned with who you are designed to be, everything flows. Some clues that you do not trust your intuition are saying yes when you mean no, keeping something “just in case,” being afraid to be visible in your business, and putting everyone’s needs in front of your own. These examples may seem unrelated, but they do connect, and I can help to heal the misalignment.

What is your typical day like?

I love having variety in my days. My executive team–my Chief Operating Dogs–settle in to my office while I create content, meet with clients via Zoom, or host Facebook Lives in my group, Make Space for Abundance. I absolutely must do two activities every day: spend time outside and read nonfiction. These are key parts of my spiritual practice. I could not be effective in my work without this spiritual practice. My intuitive abilities allow me to quickly see what will help my clients. It’s an intensive collaboration and I honor that by holding plenty of space for my personal nourishment.

What makes your business so much fun?

What makes my business so fun is that I get to change people’s lives and livelihoods by embodying what I have come to Earth to do. There is nothing more rewarding that seeing a client move beyond a limiting pattern they have been stuck in for years and into flow, purpose, and joy.

Which feature of Celestial University do you like best?

The monthly learning topic is my favorite feature of Celestial University because it prompts me to revisit or dig deeper into essential business topics.

Why did you join Celestial University?

I joined Celestial University because it provides an excellent source of enrichment. I may intend to continually grow my business knowledge, but I often do not make time for it outside of a structured program. Celestial University offers that structure.

What results have you experienced from being in Celestial University?

Through Celestial University, I have built relationships with other entrepreneurs that have widened my network and opened the door to new clients.

How important is the community and sisterhood?

It’s such a pleasure to be with other people who value continuous learning. Why should the university experience be limited to 18-year-olds when we, as adults who love learning, can enjoy the fun of a like-minded community!

What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about joining Celestial University?

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Celestial University offers both the continuous learning and the close community you have been searching for.


Are you ready to join Celestial University’s sacred sisterhood? If you’re a spiritually minded, change-making female entrepreneur, you will love Celestial University. From our monthly classes to productive Study Halls, you will find that Celestial University will give you exactly what you need to transform your business (and your mindset).

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