You’re invited to embrace
a unique way of networking
that is all about collaborations
and transformation
in a nurturing space.
Your sisterhood awaits! 

You’re invited to embrace
a unique way of networking
that is all about collaborations
and transformation
in a nurturing space.
Your sisterhood awaits! 

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Jill Celeste,
Founder of Virtual Networkers

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable


If I had to sum up my advice to female entrepreneurs, it would be this: Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

If you want to serve more clients, make more money, give more to charity, build your dream house – and any other result you’re looking for from your business – you have to get out of your comfort zone. You must get uncomfortable.

Discomfort signals growth, resulting in your dreams and goals coming true.

Let’s explore this theme of “getting comfortable being uncomfortable” in this week’s mindset lesson.



Getting comfortable being uncomfortable sounds a bit like a cliché, but it’s the best way to think about marketing your business as a female entrepreneur.

Comfortable is your bed. Comfortable is watching Netflix with your favorite human. Comfortable is a conversation with an old friend. Comfortable is your retreat from the craziness of the world.

Yes, you need comfortable times to replenish and restore.

However, comfortable is a liability for marketing and growing your business. Because when you are comfortable, you are stagnant. Who wants business stagnancy? Not me!

Get out of your marketing comfort zone

Take a look at how you are marketing your business right down. Are you doing the same old stuff? Or are you stretching yourself in some way, taking baby steps away from your comfort zone?

Marketing magic occurs outside of your comfort zone.

Marketing magic occurs outside of your comfort zone.  - Jill Celeste

So, let’s think about how you can get uncomfortable with your marketing.

Now, don’t implement marketing tasks you hate. When you do that, you infuse that negative energy into those marketing tasks, and you won’t see the results you’re looking for.

Instead, think about stepping out of your comfort zone with the marketing tasks you are implementing. How can you stretch a little further?

For example, if you enjoy writing, how can you get out of your writing comfort zone? Perhaps that means writing a short story or a lead generation book.

If you enjoy speaking, how can you step out of your comfort zone? Maybe speaking to a larger crowd? Or picking an edgier topic?

You don’t have to leap out of your comfort zone either. How can you take one step? And then once you’re comfortable again, how can you take another step?

You see: Once you do the thing that has made you uncomfortable, it becomes easier, readying you for another uncomfortable thing. That’s how you get out of your comfort zone.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Throughout all of this, though, is the acceptance of feeling a little uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable brings up all sorts of gunk, right? A lack of safety, fear of failure, everybody seeing you imperfectly, the list goes on and on.

Uncomfortable is the work of your Ego. Remember, your Ego wants you to stay small and safe, so it sends off “I’m uncomfortable” feelings to your brain as a way to stop you.

Your Ego is a crappy marketing coach, and if you follow his advice, you won’t grow. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, dear entrepreneur, it’s time for you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The process may feel a little icky, but once you get past the discomfort and do the thing you’re dreading, you will find it wasn’t so bad after all. And bonus points, you’ll grow, gain visibility, and yes, get even louder.

Your marketing assignments:

  1. Assess your current marketing tasks. How can you stretch each one a little further?
  2. Journal about how stepping out of your comfort zone feels. Use emotion words. Then answer this question: What’s the worst thing that can happen?
  3. Think about a time when you had to do something that made you uncomfortable. What lessons did you learn? Was it as bad as you predicted?



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