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Women entrepreneurs: Are you tired of not having enough clients?

  • Does your marketing feel like a scattered mess?
  • Do you wish you had a marketing plan that effectively brought clients to your business?
  • Are you tired of trying everything to market your business and not seeing results?
  • Have you thought about “throwing in the towel” and quitting your business?

If yes, please keep reading, because we have a special invitation for you…

You’re invited to join our Get More Clients track:

As a student of the Get More Clients track, you will receive focused curriculum and peer-to-peer experiences – all housed on Celestial University’s virtual campus.


7 On-Demand Modules
(Duration: Maximum 60 minutes + implementation time)

You will receive seven modules that will teach you the essential marketing skills you need to always attract more clients to your business. These modules are on-demand, so you can watch them when it is convenient for you.

  • Module 1: Who is your ideal client
  • Module 2: Finding your ideal clients (includes speaking, networking, and social media)
  • Module 3: Getting referrals
  • Module 4: Setting your prices
  • Module 5: Creating a website to attract clients
  • Module 6: Getting testimonials
  • Module 7: Your sales process

90+ Page Workbook

To accompany the on-demand modules, you will receive a 90+page workbook for the Get More Clients track. The workbook will give you space to complete your marketing assignments, helping you to implement so you can get more clients!

    Thanks to Celestial University, I upgraded the description of my ideal client, managed to stay on this new track, and manifested a continued raise in clients and students to a level that doubled my income for three months in a row.


    Usher Channeler

    Periodic Study Halls
    (Duration: 2 hours)

    Periodically during your year in the Get More Clients track, you can participate in Study Hall with other Celestial University students.

    Study Hall schedules dedicated blocks of time just for implementing your business tasks. Study Hall is live and facilitated through Zoom. If you cannot attend live, you can run Study Hall on your time by watching the recording.

    study hall
    student lounge

    Student Lounge

    Think of the Student Lounge as your gathering place.

    Inside the Student Lounge, you’ll find the link to our Celestial University Student Lounge Facebook Group, where you will connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who will lovingly support you on your journey. Jill Celeste moderates this group every week day, and you are welcome to post your marketing questions there for Jill (and the community) to respond to.

    Also inside the Student Lounge are the Celestial University Events Calendar and the Student Directory. As a Get More Clients track student, you can include your listing for referrals and new clients, as well as check out who is in Celestial University.

    I needed structure, loving support, and guidance from someone who really knows her stuff. That’s why I joined Celestial University. I also love the supportive community because they’re as committed as me to marketing authentically. We’re in it together!

    Maribeth Decker,

    Sacred Grove Animal Communication

    University Library

    The Celestial University Library is your place for on-demand learning and research. First, you will receive access to the Library Archives, which contains more than 40 marketing modules. These modules are available on demand, meaning you can watch them when it’s convenient for you. Here are some of the modules available in the Library Archives:

    • Writing a marketing plan
    • Creating customer stories
    • Video marketing
    • Instagram marketing
    • Facebook Live training
    • Facebook & Instagram Stories
    • Writing a book
    • Building your email list
    • Outsourcing success
    • Automating your marketing
    • Improving your wealth mindset
    • Yearly business planning

    In addition to the Archives, the Library will house other resources for you, including a card catalog to help you find books and learning resources to grow your business. 

    book store

    University Book Store

    What university campus is complete without a book store? The Celestial University book store will be your one-stop shop for purchasing books and other related items.

    Learn what books Jill has designated as “Celestial Picks” and purchase them right from the store. you can also learn more about the Celestial University Book Club. In the future, the book store will have other items, including candles, stationery, Celestial University merchandise, and more.

    What I love most about Celestial University is the sisterhood. I value my relationships with everyone who participates in Celestial University! I also love the Q&A calls. Even when I come with no questions of my own, I always learn something useful from the other questions being asked.

    Cheri Andrews, ESQ

    Your Small Business Attorney

    Your Investment

    Your investment in the Get More Clients track is  $99/month for 12 months, or you can make a one-time payment of $1,188 for your 12-month membership.

    You can enroll in the Get More Clients track anytime. Please know you are making a 12-month commitment, and you may not cancel your membership during our 12 months together.

    For less than $100 a month, you get so much value!

    • 7 on-demand modules, specifically aimed at teaching you how to get more clients (valued at $199)
    • 90+-page workbook to ensure you have space to complete your assignments (valued at $99)
    • Periodic Study Halls (valued at $99)
    • Access to more than 50 marketing, mindset and business classes (worth more than $10,000)
    • Be included in our Student Directory for immediate referrals
    • Access to our University Book Store
    • Priceless connection to your community

    Total monthly value is almost $400/month, plus you get access to $10,000+ worth of marketing classes immediately upon joining.

    Refund/Cancellation Policy:

    Please read carefully:

    • No cancellations.
    • No refunds.
    • All sales are final.
    • Your credit card will be billed automatically for your monthly payment.
    • You cannot “pause” your program once you enroll.